sportS broadcasting

We rely on the help of our volunteer students
to make our many sports broadcasts runs smoothly.
If you're looking to test your SPMA knowledge in a real-world setting,
learn the basics of using a camera,or just want to get close to the action,
our volunteer team could always use a helping hand. 

sports Broadcast Volunteer Positions:
/ Camera Operator / Game Statistician / Reporter /
/ Colour Commentary / Play-by-Play Commentary /

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    Maybe sports broadcasting isn't your cup of tea. 
    If you have a great Brock related video idea but
    don't have the equipment or connections to make it,
    we will look over your plans and see if it fits our mandate.
    We will then match your up with one of our producers
    to guide you through the process.

    email ed@brocktv.ca for all volunteer inquiries.